Apple’s Human Interface Guidelines provides two primary color palettes for each platform, light and dark.

On iOS, each palette is accompanied by an accessible variant as well where the temperature and transparency were adjusted to provide higher contrast. Both light and dark palettes can be used with theme_sf_light() and theme_sf_dark() themes.

iOS Light Palette iOS Light

iOS Accessible Light Palette iOS Light Accessible

On macOS, in addition to light and dark palettes and their accessible forms, each palette is accompanied with a vibrant variant where the contrast between colors is even higher.

macOS Light Palette macOS Light

macOS Vibrant Light Palette macOS Light Accessible

On watchOS, only one color palette is provided. The watchOS color palette is specifically designed to provide higher level of contrast and brightness, and is best accompanied with dark themes.

watchOS Dark Palette watchOS Dark

In total, sfthemes offers the following list of palettes:

iOS Set

  • iOS Light
    • iOS Accessible Light
  • iOS Dark
    • iOS Accessible Dark
  • iOS Gray Light
    • iOS Accessible Gray Light
  • iOS Gray Dark
    • iOS Accessible Gray Dark

macOS Set

  • macOS Light
    • macOS Accessible Light
  • macOS Vibrant Light
    • macOS Accessible Vibrant Light
  • macOS Dark
    • iOS Accessible Dark
  • macOS Vibrant Dark
    • iOS Accessible Vibrant Dark

watchOS Set

  • watchOS Dark

Palette Order

Each palette in sfthemes can be sorted in two ways. The default order returns colors of the palette according to their appearance in HIG document, and the contrast (default) order returns an optimized ordering of colors to maximize their in-between contrast.

iOS palette ordered for more in-between contrast

macOS palette ordered for more in-between contrast