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sfthemes 0.2.0


  • A new function, sf_set_custom_font(), can be used to apply a custom font on all elements and fonts of any ggplot2::themes()
  • Inter Light and Extra Bold are now included in the package


  • Both themes are now accepting fewer parameters, and therefore are easier to use.
  • A new font_family parameters of the themes can be used to set the entire font family of the theme.
    • Note that not all fonts will look great with sfthemes, and minor glitches is expected with custom fonts. Make sure to inspect your theme with a custom font before publishing it.
  • The scale parameter is now called size_class
    • font_size_scalefont_size_class
    • element_size_scaleelement_size_class


  • sf_set_inter() is now working, and it can be used to change other theme’s font and family as well

sfthemes 0.1.0

  • This is the initial release of the sfthemes package. This version offers two main themes, theme_sf_light() and theme_sf_dark() alongside 9 different color palettes, each offering a complementary accessible variant. Inter is set as the default typeface of the package while we resolve some issues around full integration of SF Pro.

Known Bugs

  • sf_set_sf_pro() and sf_set_inter() are not working as intended
  • SF Pro cannot be set correctly due to extrafont only importing .ttf files, therefore, missing some of the weights.